Room ★★★★★

"You're gonna love it."
"The world."

The thing about Room, a tale of escape from captivity told from Jack's, a five year-old, perspective, is that, even after the boy and his mother, Joy, make it out of Room, Room never ends.

Room is always there. Even when out of that small world, Jack and Joy seem trapped, and every moment that passes traps you too, more and more. Everything seems alright, yet, nothing is. I could almost feel this inherent panic, my heart was bursting every second, I felt like I was too imprisoned. A prison of the mind, a prison of the soul, a prison of the heart.

And the same way Room never ends, Room doesn't either. It stays in there, lingering, messing with your feelings, leaving a mark on you every second you think about it. That's when I knew that Room, rewarding and life-affirming, a whole new universe of feeling, that harrowing prison, had earned a place in my heart.

And either it is joyous or sad, all I know is that, right now, in this precise moment, there's no other place I would rather be at.

And that's all.

Watched in LEFFest 2015.

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