The Big Sick

The Big Sick ★★★★

Well, this was a solid romantic comedy with a surprising amount of realistic drama! Also, what an absolutely INSANE real-life story, I can't believe this is actually based on Kumail's and Emily's experience. And I hate doctors even more now.

There are some wonderful, honest scenes in this film that ring true, and the cast is just perfect. Loved the chemistry between the two leads, but also everyone else in the film worked so well together—it was so easy to believe those are real families. I'm not going to lie though, some of the humor and timing was way off for me (and I know I'm not alone—we've had some dead silences at my showing after some jokes). Also, the movie feels a little bit too long, particularly because it keeps feeling like it's about to end... and then there is more... and more... and it's especially noticeable after the middle portion that's absolutely great.

Really enjoyed it though, don't miss out on this!

P.S. Yay, a movie set in Chicago! Can we have more of those?

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