The Nightingale ★★★★

WOW OK then...

I heard this was brutal, but damn, this movie was honestly almost too much to handle. Couldn't wait for some of these scenes to end. You may disagree, but personally I don't believe you NEED to SEE certain things in order to understand what happened. And there were definitely things in this film I just didn't need to see. I guess, this film made me realize that even I have my limits.

That being said, I actually really enjoyed the rest of the film - how the story unfolded, how amazing the acting was, how beautiful the lighting and cinematography were. So.... it's generally really good? But also I would NEVER want to see it again, and probably wouldn't recommend it to many people? I don't know. It's obviously effective.

This is one of those very rare cases where I would advise you to "spoil" yourself, in detail, on the first 30ish minutes of the film just so you know what you're getting into and whether that's something you actually want to see on screen. Because you watch the first brutal scene, and it's awful, and you think you got through the worst part, but NOPE.