Mandy ★★★½


Just to get it out of the way, the above statement is absolutely and utterly true. It is not hard to watch in that the movie is a film of poor execution, but rather the visceral nature of the protagonist’s misfortune. The film and it’s plot to me is almost Biblical in a way, evoking the story of Job (Except with Job as a badass fighter with a grudge). The cinematography in this film is some of the best I have seen in years and the editing is fantastic. The use of color in lighting and the grade process is absolutely fantastic and this movie deserves all the praise it gets for it’s look. As far the plot and directing is concerned, I feel as though the movie became a slight bit too self indulgent at certain points. The slow burn is a cool effect occasionally, but became tiring fast. The sound design of this movie is like no other creating a vast landscape of synthesizers and ambiance evoking a sort of John Carpenter / Stranger Things-esque vibe. As ridiculous as it is at times, Nicolas Cage gives a convincing performance as a grieving and vengeful husband, and this definitely ranks among one of his best roles. I strongly caution viewers not to watch this movie if they are easily nauseated, distressed, or has a history of trauma and abuse. Overall, this film is a polarizing slashfest that seems to have divided critics and audiences both. This film is not for everybody and is a little intense for a casual movie night in, but if you feel like you have exhausted your viewing options as of late, I would recommend you give this film a try.