The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

I’ll preface my thoughts with the fact that I love Wes Anderson. His style and craft are part of the reason that I have such a fondness for cinema today. I find myself excited by every new movie he directs and this one is no exception. Do I believe this is his best film? No… I still maintain The Grand Budapest Hotel is his magnum opus stylistically, and Moonrise Kingdom his best storytelling. Despite this, The French Dispatch is by no means unenjoyable. It is a charming anthology that lays its plot in a very unique format. I find that Anderson underutilized some of the talent he had in the all-star cast he assembled and I left the theater feeling as though none of the characters necessarily stuck with me or made an impact. This film tells three extremely engaging stories and keeps your eyes captivated. I cannot honestly say I was bored at any point in the movie with the only tedious bits Anderson’s overindulgence in his own stylistic choices. I find this film to have a bit of poetic irony as it is a film that centers around the editor of a magazine, while Wes could have possibly used an editor himself. It felt as though Anderson was left with the creative freedom to write and direct whatever he wanted, without anyone to tell him no. This movie is amazing to look at but for me is lacking some of the signature Wes Anderson Charm. But, at the end of the day, overall this is a extremely entertaining and engaging film that I would recommend for a watch if you arthouse cinema lover.