Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Top 10 2021

Watched this on the same night as conjuring 3 but thought i'd review it now so that review can marinate a little!

Ritchies style is just so damn fun he's nailed it. What slightly hurts this film is the pacing somewhat, i wasn't actively bored at any moment but this feels like it needed to be made tighter. Statham is great, i wish we got hand to hand combat. The camerawork and cinematography complimented the action scenes really well. The action scenes themselves were a ton of fun too, you really felt the tension and utter dread in them scenes. The sound design helped with that perfectly. Just honestly expected a little more from this film especially after something like The Gentlemen which ruled. Some of the dialogue could've been improved, also, cliches are present but can easily be ignored if you're loving the experience!

The score rocked, but can get tiresome if people don't like hearing the same thing over & over again in certain moments. A revenge thriller with a heist twist to it was thoroughly welcomed and surprisingly really well done. Dark, brutal & gritty, this movie doesn't pull its punches when it comes to delivering just that.

- 3.5/5.

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