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  • Goyo: The Boy General

    Goyo: The Boy General


    i love how this movie is the complete opposite of heneral lunain terms of cinematography. art acuña as manuel bernal and his iconic “tahol, goyo, tahol!” scene left a mark (and definitely goosebumps).

    the depiction of goyo’s ptsd is spot on as i see it. makes him human and relatable because yes, we need to stop glorifying these people. 

    gregorio del pilar is known as the hero of tirad pass, but this movie begs the question “what makes a hero?”…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    GoTG was one of the best movies from the MCU so I set the bar high for this movie but I ended up a little disappointed. It just feels a little hollow? 

    The humor is there, action? Check. But I needed more character backgrounds if I am to invest a chunk of my life fangirling for this series. It's not bad but it's not overly amazing as well. Just a great balance in between and I think that's what makes it stay in the positive lane for me.

    Also, damn Yondu!