The Man Who Knew Infinity

The Man Who Knew Infinity ★★★★

As someone who has read the book (on Ritalin I might add was a wonderful experience) I just want to point out that Hardy was not his professor. The only thing he might've taught Ramanujan was how to use cutlery. Ramanujan was a mathematical beast. Mentor is more appropriate. Everybody was in awe of Ramanujan. Before going to Great Britain he had already discovered the whole history of Western Mathematics on his own. "On his own" is not really accurate because when asked, he would say that it was revealed by Kuladevi, a goddess/spirit(I personally believe this as I am a Christian -as well as a man of the sciences; specifically Psychology- and believe many demons or fallen angels made it a point of manifesting themselves as gods all around the world seeking adoration). What the movie does not show is the full nature of the relationship between the two; it was intellectual, yes, but Hardy was gay and had strong feelings towards Ramanujan. These feelings were not reciprocal.
I hope they make a movie adaptation of "The Man Who Loved Only Numbers". This is a biography of Paul Erdős: a mathematician who only did math when he was on amphetamines(to which he had unlimited access for most of his adult life). I read this book on Ritalin as well, honouring his memory as I should.

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