Blockers ★★★½

"do we still like twilight?"
"definitely not."

first of all, hey !! i graduated.. today !! yey yippie doesn't seem like a big deal because of how we're all just sitting here in our own houses and how i miss my friends sm
look, i didn't actually realized that this is about a prom night and virginity lol so i was like "oh riggghtt" so it's a total coincidence that i planned on watching today on my graduation shii.

this wasn't that bad actually. saw the trailer two years ago, i thought it was going to have a clichè third act where they weren't actually planned to take their virginity?? idk maybe they just want a real cucumber and water through those emojis?? and then all of them are going to stay with their families and go to colleges that are near their homes BUT NO. so so much better than that. loved the third act, and it was pretty funny and enjoyable omg. cannot believe that they put This Town by Niall Horan cause THAT IS MY SHIT and i think i cried at that scene?? wow so beautiful muah muah muah directioners line up pls- also Good As Hell by Lizzo is in it ?? PERIOD

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