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  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell


    Although I expected the movie to be a bit more suspenseful, I quite liked the story and the plot especially knowing that’s a true story.
    Jewell may be a bit of a stupid guy, cop wannabe and weird for collecting β€œsouvenirs” from the bombing scene, but I truly hated with a passion the way the FBI tried to set him up simply because he had the profile knowing damn well they didn’t have any evidence he was responsible. Absolutely disgraceful.…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    greta, how dare you make me cry from half of the movie to the end?

    This movie’s beauty is unmatched. The score was just amazing (Alexandre Desplat everyone) and I just very much enjoyed the atmosphere of the movie because the girls are so close-knitted despite their different dreams and purposes in life and despite the difficult times they’re going through.
    The sisters represent everything a woman can be and can want to be in my opinion and I’ve loved…

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  • Parasite



    I don’t even know where to start with my review.Β 

    The movie carries its name so well. The flood scene made me very sad bc it showed how bad people live in some places of town without the richest even knowing. Also I think part of the movie was about respect. It shows how the wealthy believe money and power exempt you from respecting people from a different social class.

    Edit: I think the parasites of the movie are the…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    The movie was good on the whole and I honestly started watching because I was very curious about the argument sceneΒ and I have to say it was very impressive considering their every move was staged. However, the movie wasn’t incredible, maybe I just didn’t click but I thought the movie was just okay++.Β 

    Also, words are definitely not enough to say how amazing Laura Dern was in this movie. Seriously, the class, the heels, the confidence, the outfits, her brain... I have loved her character so much!!!!!