Everest ★★★★★

Okay basically I was getting on the plane to come back from New York and I was so excited to listen to The Life of Pablo because it dropped yesterday and I downloaded it from Tidal so I could listen to it on the plane and in case you didn't know the absolute best way to listen to Kanye is while looking out of a plane window but anyways I was so excited but then I sat down and I guess this plane is like brand new because it was equipped with so many movies and I saw Everest and I got so excited because I am the biggest fan of Everest in the world like literally I'm the only one it's a good ass movie I actually bought Everest for $6 instead of experiencing the life of Pablo if that's not true love I really don't know what is. There was so much turbulence on this flight too like what a good viewing experience. I love Mount Everest. the movie is about to End in like 25 mins and there's still an hour and a half left in the flight so I still have time for Pablo today is the best fucking day of my life.

Ps I bought the shitty fucking in flight wifi just so I can post this review did u guys see I have letterboxd Patron now Sal bought it for me for Valentine's Day what a good boyfriend

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