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Letterboxd removed my review for this despite them promoting it a few days prior so that's always fun it's not like I use Letterboxd primarily for the diary function and to log movies and they just fucking took it out so I had to try to piece together when my third viewing of this was and I honestly don't even know if this is right or not and that's Kind Of Bullshit that you're just gonna take a review off without warning but that's what you get on and also the comments I can see were mean because I mentioned hating arielrocks5 like take them off idgaf but literally the review just acknowledged the fuck up/ a typo in their bio like what the fuck imagine being this childish and im trying so hard not to sound like someone who would unironically say triggered but Who Got Triggered Here
Also this review had So many likes and this is a sad time for so many reasons did Letterboxd deal with the nazis on joshs patriots day review or is this what they're occupying their time with? Rip to actual harmless free speech from an actual libtard ava davis

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