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  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    Pummelled by the reaction to New York, New York and on the ropes following a near-fatal drug overdose, Scorsese puts himself into therapy with Raging Bull: a staggering comeback fight that spatters the director's own self-destructive tendencies across the canvas in stark, unforgiving monochrome. De Niro's Jake La Motta attracts violence wherever he goes, but never is it more focused than in the peerless, abstract boxing sequences, directed with woozy expressionism and a Catholic's obsession for brutal penance. Almost all…

  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    My life is better for knowing the premise of this film, but worse for watching it. Zero sum game.

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  • Oblivion



    If you're the kind of person who liked Moon but a) needed every single piece of information explained to you at length and b) didn't think it had enough explosions or Tom Cruise in it, then Oblivion is for you.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    A fascist regime led by an angry, petulant child spreads misery across the galaxy, so I watched The Force Awakens