All Night Long ★★★★

A wonderful curio: Othello relocated to London's '60s jazz scene, with Patrick McGoohan as Iago if he was a cookin' drummer. Dickie Attenborough holds a late night party in his unspeakably cool Shad Thames pad, during which McGoohan tries to snaffle his band leader's wife away from him through Machiavellian means. The blacks and whites of the costumes and lighting lend it a crisp noir look, occasionally diffused by the fug of actual jazz cigarettes, but the story is cobblers (McGoohan is constantly thinking one step ahead, but that's nowhere near enough steps ahead) and much of the dialogue is laughable (jive-talking Attenborough is basically your dad saying "YOLO"). Still, the atmosphere is unbeatable, largely because the party guests include the likes of Johnny Dankworth, Dave Brubeck and Charles Mingus, who casually toss off some terrific tunes to break up the drama.

Seen as part of the Soho Film Festival.