Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

No monster blockbuster this dumb has the right to look this good, or be this much fun. Jordan Vogt-Roberts has come from (almost) nowhere and announced himself with a deafening roar and a series of absolutely stunning set-pieces, directed with a Spielbergian pizazz you thought people had forgotten how to do. Let's not dwell on the writing, which (necessarily) uses broad and economically-written stereotypes to carry us from one incredible smack-down to the next, or on Tom Hiddleston's ludicrous sore thumb of a character (I waited for the post-credits scene in case his infamous tracker actually got round to doing any tracking); let's just enjoy the 12A-troubling violence and the smart, witty action that marks Vogt-Roberts out as One To Watch. Boot Colin Trevorrow off Episode IX please, his replacement is here.

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