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This review may contain spoilers.

The daddy of all superhero movies gets it so right for so long that it's almost impossible to award it fewer than five stars for its combination of epic storytelling, winning humour and incredible effects. And John Williams' score alone counts for at least one of those stars.

But in its final five minutes, nearly everything we've invested in the film disintegrates like a planet caught in the explosion of a dying sun. I'll believe a man can fly; I'll believe he can change his clothes mid-air without any explanation about where the old clothes go; I'll even believe he can fool everyone by wearing glasses and slouching a bit. But I can't believe that reversing the Earth's rotation would a) not cause the entire planet to break up and b) make time go backwards. That's just silly. Kal-El changes history to save the woman he loves but doesn't bother re-saving all the people he rescued first time round? Fuck that shit, man.

Everything else is great though. Well done, everything else.