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This review may contain spoilers.

look I know this is a comedy musical and you need to suspend disbelief but I'm gonna be a huge fucking Debbie downer. how the fuck did Amanda Seyfried get that IPhone. As we know Donna graduated Oxford in 1979. Her adventure in Paris is one night meaning it's presumably still 1979, then she goes to Greece and we know her thing with Sam is a little over 3 weeks, let's say a month. Then she's with Bill again for just a little. Now pregnancy typically takes 9 months so let's presume Sophie was born in 1980. She's 20 in the first film (as she screams to bill during "gimme a man") meaning the first movie takes place in 2000/2001. Now in this film we know Sophie is now 25, meaning that Here We Go Again takes place in 2005/2006 however the IPhone was introduced in 2007. So what the fuck? Is this them setting up the rest of the Mamma Mia Cinematic Universe and that alleged third film in which Sophie time travels and meets Lily James' Donna? If so has she already started time travelling? Is that why she sees Meryl Streep Donna at the end of the movie, because she can somehow access the past and future?
I have so many questions, Cher please answer my texts

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