If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★★½

Gorgeous, gorgeous film. Barry Jenkins has crafted a film so meticulous and poignantly beautiful that it’s difficult trying to overlook this as one of the best films of 2018.

The direction here is absolutely sublime, the camera angles is on-point, and the Ozu-esque close-up takes of the actors that makes the audience feel as if we are communicating with them, that in itself is not something that is easily achieved.

What lies behind these beautiful crafted imagery is a simple yet important story. A script so flawless and performances so brilliant and real, it’s hard not to feel heartache when watching this.

If Beale Street Could Talk has so much soul and thought process behind them. As a person who didn’t appreciate Barry Jenkins’ other film, Moonlight as much as others did, this is definitely a film I could get behind with. I was thoroughly moved because the performances felt so real that it felt like the actors reached into my heart and ripped it into different pieces. Phenomenal film.

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