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  • The Adderall Diaries

    The Adderall Diaries


    Adderall diaries offers a very shallow perspective into the relationship between a father and son. Amongst lies and abuse from both parties, the film wraps itself up into a neat bow far too quickly, and Elliot's skewed memories offer a scapegoat for all the conflict to be resolved within 15 minutes. In short, this movie takes a great story and turns it into a tv episode in which all issues come to a cheap and convenient end.

  • Pine



    I understand this

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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    Willem Defoe vs Pedo >>> Batman vs Superman

  • Spotlight



    Ruffalo: Where did the wrinkly old men touch you? 

    Victims: In every damn state and country 

    Ruffalo: Were they punished?

    Victims: Nah, I was.

    Hulk: Where did u say these mfs were again?