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  • Perfect Stranger

    Perfect Stranger


    I watched this because I was attending the How Did This Get Made? podcast taping in Washington, DC in November of 2018. This is the only reason to watch this movie. It is Top to Bottom (T to B) terrible. It makes no sense, the director filmed 3 endings, of which I believe 7 endings were written. So the whole movie I don't think they knew what they were leading up to. A mystery only makes sense if you can…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Fluffy but good! Appropriate for kids.

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  • Wheelman



    This is the review that convinced me to watch this filim, taken from this 2017 wrap-up article of the most underrated films of 2017:

    "Actor Frank Grillo can do no wrong when he's buckled into the classic '70s archetype of a well-mannered antihero disrupting his seedy surroundings, and Wheelman, a sentimental-yet-gun-toting riff on "driver" crime pictures, is his ultimate vehicle. With the grit of The Driver, the disembodied villainy of Saw, and the solitude of Tom Hardy's Locke, the…

  • Café Society

    Café Society


    It's a Woody Allen movie. I thought it was going to be about the golden age of Hollywood, but it was about New Yorkers cheating on each other. As far as his films go, it was enjoyable, but as I reached the end I couldn't help but feel there was a little "bait and switch" with the way it was marketed.