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  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales


    the film equivalent of jakartans

  • A Woman from Java

    A Woman from Java


    One would wonder why Garin Nugroho insist on shooting this entire film in one shot, in a 86 minute long take, with one set, where the camera only ventures frontally, and all the actors act in a lengthy, exaggerated manners. One would wonder why he opt to omit the styles and element that make a film a film, and opt for a theatrical approach instead.

    Garin has his reasons. The film style pretty much compliment the story it tells: about…

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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    If someone ever ask me what film that made me realized i want to be a filmmaker, i wouldn't know the answer. Hell, it took me 5 years of medical school, 2 years of depression, 3 cities, 2 countries, 22 years of my life, and a thousand films before i realized that. I do know though, one particular film that shaped my taste, some sort of catalyst, that led me to discoveries after discoveries after discoveries until i finally realized…

  • The Raid

    The Raid


    I don't like action films. And the thought about watching men murdering each others for half an hour without much story and plot going on isn't particularly appealing. That's probably why i avoided this film for too long despite the buzz it made in Indonesia and overseas. Let's just say Gareth Evans managed to earn my long overdue seal of approval.

    The Raid is a very simple film. Like i said, men murdering each other for half an hour. There…