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  • Widows



    Widows is the smart, socially relevant, arguably one of the best crime thriller of the 21st century and certainly THE best of 2018. It is also:

    - Steve McQueen's masterpiece.
    - A masterclass on holy-fucking-great screenwriting by Gillian Flynn.
    - A two hours tutorial of "How To Mourn The Death of A Spouse With Power Dressing and Being A Boss Ass Bitch" by Viola Davis.
    - The only film that treated Michelle Rodriguez's character as a complex human being and…

  • Venom



    1. Ruben Fleischer can't direct.
    2. There are three writers in this film and i refuse to believe these people actually got to call themselves writers or worse, get paid for this.
    3. The CGI is on par with Snapchat filters.
    4. They really make Riz Ahmed play a slender, POC version of Elon Musk.
    5. They really fucking waste then kill Jenny Slate AND Melora Walters.
    6. In case you don't get it yet, this film is trash.

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  • The Raid

    The Raid


    I don't like action films. And the thought about watching men murdering each others for half an hour without much story and plot going on isn't particularly appealing. That's probably why i avoided this film for too long despite the buzz it made in Indonesia and overseas. Let's just say Gareth Evans managed to earn my long overdue seal of approval.

    The Raid is a very simple film. Like i said, men murdering each other for half an hour. There…

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    So, should i suggest mr. Timo to sign up for a therapist or should i invite him to this screenwriting class i'm attending so he too could learn how to properly write stuffs instead of butchering them?