Antonia's Line ★★★

I always try to review the films that i watch. Writing them down makes it easier to put into words about what i really think about a film. What i like, what i don't like. It could be as trivial and personal as "i don't like to see men murdering each other for half an hour" and it could be as specific and technical as "the 9.7mm wide angle lens that James Howe used help bring the distorted state of mind of the main character into life". But the hardest thing to write is always about how the film made me feel.

It's hard to write how Antonia's Line made me feel. It's a heartwarming film that celebrates women and feminism, and i am a woman and (i hope) a feminist. But by the end of the film i was left feeling bittersweet, and sad. I ask myself, "is it even possible in real life?"

Just last night i read a news about a chinese girl that jumped to her death because her teacher sexually harassed her, as the crowds below cheer and encouraged her to jump. The other day i read the news about some indian anti-trafficking activists that got gang raped after they staged a protest. So, when i watch Antonia's Line i ask, "is it even possible?" because oftentimes it feels like it's not.

I hope i'm wrong.