The Tree of Life ★★½

A truly bewildering experience. The Tree of Life is unlike any other movie ever made. It has everything from Big Bang to Dinosaurs to the end of Earth.

The Tree of Life revolves around the cycle of life and death, and the distinction between grace and nature. It tells its tale through the eyes of an established architect looking back at his childhood in the 60 (?). The movie feels more like visual poetry than cinema.
Dialogues are sparse, and Malick mostly uses narration and stunning imagery to drive home his point.

The first half of the movie has a twenty minute sequence that feels like something taken from a Nat Geo documentary. Tree of Life is audacious in its scope, and doesn't shy away from asking the big questions. And for that alone it should get credit. Unfortunately, at times, it also comes off as being incredibly pretentious, and the bewildering first hour will probably scare away most viewers.
For those who stick around to till the end, another vexing scene awaits them as Malick wraps things up.

The Tree of Life isn't something I would recommend to most people. It's a deeply philosophical movie that implores the viewers to use their imagination. Watch it only if you enjoy that sort of a thing.