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  • The Remains of the Day

    The Remains of the Day


    I was 18 when this movie premiered in 1993, and had I seen it at the time I wouldn’t have been able to relate at all. Now, at the age of 42, I know more about the hardships of relationships, and it’s such a tragic love story, this film of trials and tribulations on the servants’ circuit.

    ”Why do you always have to hide the way you feel?”, asks Miss Kenton and pretty much sums up the core of the…

  • Sami Blood

    Sami Blood


    First and foremost, this is a film about a girl and her feelings, her inner and outer struggles, her body and soul, her painful healing process. Then of course, it’s about being the outsider, the one who must adapt, the urge to fit in, the longing for something else and the will and strength that it takes to break out. It’s also about fear and love, pride and prejudice, shame and conflict. Ultimately, it’s about blood and spirit. Defining people…

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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    While ”The Force Awakens” (2015) came across as a decent film for children, ”Rogue One” is as mature as a Star Wars movie could possibly get without losing its SW touch. It’s dark and dirty, and emphasizes war more than ever before. At times it’s like a WWII movie with a Star Wars twist.

    It also delivers a pretty smooth setup for the beginning of the original Star Wars movie, ”Episode IV: A New Hope” (1977). Remember the opening scene…

  • Logan



    Wow, this was unlike any Marvel movie I’ve ever seen. They’ve ditched the usual blockbuster formula in favour of a character-driven story, so while previous films have been fairly light, this is some truly heavy shit. Well, maybe not if compared to ”The Road”, which comes to mind (even though ”Logan” is probably closer to the PS4 game ”The Last of Us”), but as far as comic book-movies go, it’s pretty dark. Still, as I mentioned in the ”Wolverine” review:…