A Quiet Place ★★½

A barren cityscape. Barefoot people using sign language, not necessarily because they are deaf (except for one of them) but because this is a post-apocalyptic near future where strange creatures kill you if they hear you. ”Stay silent, stay alive”, as the newspapers proclaim.

Just as in ”Cargo”, this is about family. In this case, a family ridden with guilt, the father and daughter having an especially strained relationship. The way this family is communicating with their eyes only is very cool to watch.

So, although a bit cheesy, the premise is good. Unfortunately, the plot flaws are fucking terrible. If you can set logic aside and stay in the story with your brain shut off, it’s probably a cool movie. It’s more of a thriller than a horror flick, so even though there are too many cheap jump scares I can deal with that. It’s only 90 minutes, and each scene actually takes its time, sets the vibe. The tension is real, but ruined by character decisions, illogic and predictability almost as stupid as the whole idiocy of ”Prometheus”.

Also, ”A Quiet Place” could’ve been longer and more developed. When the expected resolution between father and daughter takes place it just falls flat because it’s too rushed. And that’s just one example of many missteps. The nail is another one. How obvious was that? Most of the action scenes suck too. But then, in other scenes, the film is not holding your hand at all, just letting you think for yourself. That’s when it’s really, really good, focusing on a damaged family in danger. This unevenness bothers me.