All This Mayhem ★★★★

”All This Mayhem” tells the story of Ben & Tas Pappas, two rowdy Australian brothers who rocked the world and became legendary rebels due to their merciless style of skateboarding - but also because of their hardcore way of life. And when life gets too hardcore, that’s when this documentary gets serious. And dark as hell.

It starts out as one of those countless homemade videos featuring skateboarding, great music, cool spots from all over the world and minor mischief. If you grew up skating in the 90’s, you probably had a part in some of these videos, either landing some fancy trick or setting things on fire - probably both. I immediately got flashbacked to the late 80’s, with the classic intro to H-Street’s ”Shackle Me Not” and Powell’s ”Ban This”, which was a great feeling. But as things take a turn for the worse for the Papas bros, I also pondered friendship and fame. They go from zeroes to heroes, and back to zero again, and it must be incredibly tough to handle that, especially when you hang out with friends who aren’t good for you, and when you’re being filmed almost 24/7 - because filming is such a large part of skateboarding, as is friendship. And let’s not forget, the Pappas brothers were lunatics. Their ”fuck everything”-approach probably didn’t make things easier.

Anyways, I stopped skateboarding almost 20 years ago, and haven’t kept up to date, so I didn’t know how tragic this story was. It really got to me and I highly recommend this one, even if you’re not a skateboarder. It’s produced by some of the people who created ”Exit Through The Gift Shop” (the Banksy movie) and the excellent doc about Ayrton Senna, so you know it’s the good stuff.