Annihilation ★★

From the director of ”Ex Machina” (2014) comes this adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel ”Annihilation”. I haven’t read the book(s), but I think I need to, hoping it’s not as rushed, inconsistent and unconvincing as the movie.

All the 10/10 reviews that talk about mindbending sci-fi horror, intellectual thought-provoking whatever… Seriously? I expected somewhat deep stuff about the annihilation of the human race, its self-destruction, cloning and humanity VS nature, but the film treats these themes very shallow. To me everything up until the lighthouse was pretty crappy. And when scientists make the same foolish decisions and conclusions as in Ridley Scotts awful ”Prometheus”, I get pissed off. I'm sure the book does a better job.

The lighthouse part is weird, but at least it’s visually interesting. Everything else pretty much was not.