Hereditary ★★

This one’s been hailed and hyped as a horror masterpiece.

Well, it’s a pretty good movie (almost totally devoid of jump scares!) with a well crafted first half, slowly (almost too slow) reaching for something that seems interesting, with themes of loss, DID, mistrust and insanity.

The second half is where things get messy and quickly lose direction. All of a sudden it’s only vaguely connected to the first act, and things just don’t hold up as the story progresses. The creepy scenes are just that and nothing else. Great sound- and camerawork is not enough.

There’s something missing in ”Hereditary” which is found in ”The Shining”, ”Psycho”, ”The Witch”, ”Thelma”, ”Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, ”The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, ”Rosemary’s Baby”, ”The Thing”, ”The Wicker Man”, "Kill List" and other true masterpieces of horror and suspense.

”Hereditary” lacks a clear vision and real substance, and is thus not as emotionally affecting as the films you always return to. The occult themes are seemingly out of touch with the rest of the film, as are the characters to me. I never felt anything for anyone, and that’s what makes the difference.