Logan ★★★½

Wow, this was unlike any Marvel movie I’ve ever seen. They’ve ditched the usual blockbuster formula in favour of a character-driven story, so while previous films have been fairly light, this is some truly heavy shit. Well, maybe not if compared to ”The Road”, which comes to mind (even though ”Logan” is probably closer to the PS4 game ”The Last of Us”), but as far as comic book-movies go, it’s pretty dark. Still, as I mentioned in the ”Wolverine” review: These movies get away with cheesy stuff just because they’re comic book-movies, and that bothers me a little.

Anyhow, this is unquestionably the best Marvel picture I’ve seen so far. We meet Wolverine, who’s barely Wolverine anymore, but Logan - a human being, old and torn. Charles Xavier is even more torn, dying from a degenerate brain disease. Once powerful, these mutants are now weaklings, and in a way they’re totally out of character. The comics portrayed them in a superhero way, but in reality (i.e. in this very movie, and according to Logan) it was not that fancy. The comics were fantasy, this is the truth - which makes everything pretty strange, meta and interesting. Professor X is cursing like a freak. Wtf? It takes a while to get used to.

Previous knowledge of the Marvel universe is required to understand what’s fully going on. I haven’t read the Old Man Logan stories, for example, so I probably missed a lot of references, but I know the basics. I did get what the The Westchester Incident was all about. As for the story, it’s pretty much about Logan trying to save his loved ones in a world where the mutants are virtually gone. That might sound boring as hell, but without spoiling the plot: While the first Wolverine movie, ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), was one of the worst superhero flicks ever, ”Logan” is one of the best. If you’re willing to see your heroes lose their superpowers and focus on their inner selves and their loved ones, this might be for you. If you’re a militant Marvel fan, you might be upset. Having said that, I’ve never seen Wolverine this furious. If you want violence, you got that too.

SPOILER ALERT! (kind of):
The way she turns the cross to an X is just beautiful.