Ravenous ★★½

Caught this on Netflix the other night, and it certainly brings something new to the zombie flick table. Sure, the story is the same as always: A few survivors, hordes of zombies, someone gets bitten blablabla… But it’s very different in style.

I’d say it’s an art house drama thriller, very slow paced (even though the zombies are runners) and very quiet. The use of music and sounds is strangely eerie. There’s even a slight Tarkovsky vibe here and there, and some parts could easily fit on an empty theatre stage. Also, it’s French/Canadian and mostly set in clear daylight.

I kind of enjoyed this, but I felt something was missing the whole time. I couldn’t feel any deeper meaning, and no character development, which is strange since the focus is on characters rather than an actual story. The indie atmosphere felt a bit forced, and I’d preferred dirty cinematography instead of this overly clean look.

It was still worth watching.