The Invisible Man ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

EDIT: Rewatched a couple of scenes, and had to lower my rating. Got so frustrated.

Really nice reinvention of The Invisible Man!

Tension is created by fine camera work, making this a cool visual experience. The opening scene is awesome.
Overall, the traumatized mind is depicted very well, and it’s plain painful to watch her being terrorized by this asshole. I just wish her revenge was sweeter. He didn’t suffer enough.

However, it lacks in credibility, and I’m not talking about the aspect of invisibility. I’m talking about the extremely poor choices made, and even more so, the unbelievable and exaggerated acts of the perpetrator.
One of many examples: All of a sudden, cops are getting killed all over the place by this famous Elon Musk dude, and he sure knows how to kill efficiently. Come on. Why are people buying this shit?

This film started out really good, and it's got some very cool moments, but halfway through it started getting out of hand with all these stupid choices she makes. As for the ending, sure it's cool if you like unbelievable Hollywood endings, but that's when all credibility just went poof... This cop killer, even though proclaimed dead, just kept on living his life in his tech mansion without anybody noticing? And all of a sudden she was mentally strong enough to dress up and just go visit him? And we're supposed to believe she learned how to operate that suit? Wow... There's way too much cheap shit like this that ruins a nice premise.

It would've been totally possible to do this whole story in a far more convincing way. It would've been scarier. It would've been awesome.

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