The Mule ★½

"You've lived so long you've lost your filter" says DEA Special Agent Bates to old fart Earl Stone, commenting on Stone's way of saying things deemed politically incorrect in today’s butthurt world. I'd say it's more about loss of direction, and I'm referring to both Earl Stone and Clint Eastwood here.

I don't care about political correctness or Clint Eastwood's personal views, that's not what makes me dislike this film. What bothers me is poorly written, poorly executed (unrealistic, naive, out of touch with the world) run of the mill flicks that'll be forgotten in about two weeks. At times it's like watching a film made by amateurs; it really is that lazy. He wrote that shit about the new generation and their phones about ten times in the script… Zzz… What happened to quality film making? It's a rare thing these days.

Too bad, since Eastwood used to be a master of his craft. I mean, "Mystic River" and "Changeling" are great films, and that wasn't too long ago. "The Mule" is mostly an embarrassing moment in film history.

When it's good it's got some minor tension going, but all in all it's really too bland and predictable. I expected way more from a man of his calibre.