The Nightingale ★★★½

I’ve noticed several comments on this being a racist film. Really? If anything, it’s racist against whites, because the whites in this film are human devils. Sure, I sense a gentle touch (unintentional, I guess) of the good ol’ exploitation flicks every once in a while, but I don’t mind that at all (even though that’s when the film loses its geist, when the dialogue doesn’t quite hold up, when the theme gets over-explicit, or when blackfella Billy acts too much like Sherlock Holmes…). It’s stereotypical, but it’s ok. This isn’t a political film. It’s a quite simple rape and revenge story, taking place in 1825. It's about power and destruction. But for me, it lacks serious depth.

All in all, it’s got great tension, pretty solid acting, realistic violence, and even though it’s way too long, it manages to keep me interested.

Since I thought ”The Babadook” was overrated, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I'm glad it's not a horror film. Reality is often more scary, and it shows in "The Nightingale".