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  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    Good (looking), but not great (except for Tom Waits).

  • 22 July

    22 July


    English with a Norwegian accent? Wtf...

    The first part looks pretty good. The second part seeks some depth, I guess, but turns out to be pretty annoying as it fails in this regard.

  • Hold the Dark

    Hold the Dark


    The abstract and mystical works way better in the book, but this film was still more interesting than most of the new stuff I watch on Netflix.

  • Hereditary



    This one’s been hailed and hyped as a horror masterpiece.

    Well, it’s a pretty good movie (almost totally devoid of jump scares!) with a well crafted first half, slowly (almost too slow) reaching for something that seems interesting, with themes of loss, DID, mistrust and insanity.

    The second half is where things get messy and quickly lose direction. All of a sudden it’s only vaguely connected to the first act, and things just don’t hold up as the story progresses.…

  • How It Ends

    How It Ends


    Actually better than I expected. But then again, I didn't expect much.

  • Extinction



    Sorry, I lost interest almost immediately. Might rewatch it when I'm more focused.

  • White Fang

    White Fang


    A well known story, this time with great animation style and with real darkness, pretty far from the usual kid friendly Disney stuff. Thumbs up.

  • Creep 2

    Creep 2


    Hm, not at all as interesting as the first film.
    Discomfort level low, quirky comedy level high, and I don’t even like comedies.

  • Creep



    I rarely find horror movies scary, but this one, a low budget psychological found-footage story, does the job. It’s creepy.
    Discomfort level is pretty high.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A barren cityscape. Barefoot people using sign language, not necessarily because they are deaf (except for one of them) but because this is a post-apocalyptic near future where strange creatures kill you if they hear you. ”Stay silent, stay alive”, as the newspapers proclaim.

    Just as in ”Cargo”, this is about family. In this case, a family ridden with guilt, the father and daughter having an especially strained relationship. The way this family is communicating with their eyes only is…

  • Cargo



    In a global pandemic catastrophe, a community of original inhabitants, aboriginals, with strong ties to living off the land might be best equipped to endure and flourish.

    This Australian movie is a smart and different take on the zombie genre. The focus is set on slow burning character development and emotions, not on blood and guts. The first act is particularly strong. Married couple Andy and Kay manage to survive the initial outbreak by taking shelter on a houseboat with…

  • Thelma



    ”Thelma” is a very strong film about not being able to be your true self, being held down by dogma (in this case, Christian faith). It’s a coming of age film where love, forbidden pleasures and awakening takes place, but there’s also something else. Hidden powers, omens, some kind of real life occultism that rages on in the mind of the mentally surpressed, the mentally seized (the word ”seizure” comes from being seized by supernatural forces). The chaos and confusion…