• Big Trouble in Little China

    Big Trouble in Little China


    This is how you do it. Sorcery and Chinese black magic.

    I've seen it so many times, but this was the first time at the cinema.

  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666

    Ok, these movies are obviously not for me. I don’t know much about teen horror and slashers, but folk horror is my thing, and I’ve never seen folk horror made this cheap, modern and soulless. And I guess that goes for the trilogy as a whole.

    Fear Street’s got that modern, polished Netflix look. There’s never an authentic vibe in any of these films. It tries, but fails in every aspect when it comes to authenticity. The nostalgia is adapted…

  • Fear Street: 1978
  • Fear Street: 1994
  • Pig



    Today is a great day. A dream come true. I’m watching a film where Nicolas Cage hangs out with a pig. It’s called ”Pig”.

    But seriously; Cage is probably the most laidback he’s ever been, even though he’s still psycho in his slow moving passive aggressive way. He’s still king.

    The madness is so subtle it becomes normal, which is very nicely done. And there are some ”why the fuck”- and ”what the fuck”-scenes, where the surreal underworld of the…

  • The Twelve Months of the Summer

    The Twelve Months of the Summer


    Aldrig hört talas om denna, och så visar den sig vara riktigt bra! Som en skum rasblandning av Andrei Tarkovsky och Lasse Åberg (!).

    "Stalker" är en uppenbar influens, men här finns även vibbar av David Lynch och Stephen King. Och så över alltsammans finns ett lager av helt vanlig svennefilm. Bryggarn och platschefen bidrar mycket till detta. Så mitt i det sublima Tjernobyl-liknande obehaget finns en typiskt svensk biofilmsrealism som konstigt nog funkar. Överraskande bra.

    Tack till Möller från Filmosofi Podcast för titten.

  • Youth


    Sorrentino is uneven to me. "The Great Beauty" and "Il Divo" are truly great films, but "Youth" was harder for me to enjoy. Might like it better at another time in life.

  • 24×36



    Photo posters suck, and this documentary shows that. When Photoshop took over in the 90's, the art of the movie posters died.

  • Videoman


    Riktigt bra svensk rulle med fingertoppskänsla och bra research. Trovärdighet är A och O när det gäller subkulturer.
    Fint också om två förlorade själar som tillsammans hittar lite ljus i en mörk tillvaro.

  • The Adversary

    The Adversary

    The slow, asphyxiating disintegration of Jean-Marc Faure. A gruesome story, more disturbing than most horror films, based on true events.

    I was surprised to find such high quality drama on Netflix. I felt a bit of a Haneke vibe this time, and Daniel Auteuil is one of my fave actors. Great rewatch!

  • Meander


    I like Cube, and can enjoy the concept of the Saw movies. I like traps and I like escaping from them.

    Meander could've been interesting if there were some emotional backstory to hang on to, but it just feels empty - and ultimately quite dull.

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    I like that there are moments of reflection and peace amidst the tension and the jump scares. And I found this one to be slightly more entertaining, even though it's like The Last of Us game turned into a lightweight movie version without the emotional impact...

    Other than that, I’ll just repost my review of the first film:

    A barren cityscape. Barefoot people using sign language, not necessarily because they are deaf (except for one of them) but because this…