Macabre ★★★

This is the first movie from Italian director Lamberto Bava. It's a very strange film, about a woman that is seeing her lover in a room in a rental room in a large house. One day when she leaves to be with him, her oldest daughter drowns her little brother in the bathtub. then, as the crazy mama and her lover are racing back to her home after the drowning event, they have an accident and her lover is killed. After being in a mental hospital for awhile, she returns to their old rented meeting room, and she has left her husband. She is obviously crazy, as she tries to create her dead lover, and have sex with him about each night ( I know, wtf). I know, this is all insane, but that is the theme of the movie. There's a lot else going on with her relationship with her daughter, and the blind owner of the rental house. I've seen most of Lamberto's movies, but my first time with this one. It's weird, and some really strange scenes of the mother making love with her dead lover. this is just a weird film period, and if you are a fan of his work, then you probably want to complete your collection with this one.