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  • Chef



    I've been a big fan of Jon Favreau as an actor and director for years. Loved Elf, Zathura, and Iron Man. Iron Man 2 was not great but it was pretty obvious that he was being interfered with by the Marvel machine needing to shoehorn certain world building elements and future plot lines into his film. Cowboys & Aliens was a big misfire on his part though, great effects and action but totally disconnected from the audience in terms of plot…

  • The Grey

    The Grey


    I think I love this film a little more than I should just because of how hard the marketing team trolled the target audience for this movie lol. Before this movie came out for the past… 3 years around January/February we’ve seen Liam Neeson kicking ass in Taken and Unknown. The marketers were extremely deceptive and used this knowledge to lure the same crowd to see a movie they thought would be similar, but ended up being entirely different. I…

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  • ParaNorman



    I saw ParaNorman way back when it was released in theaters and in 3D. I am a huge fan of Laika as a studio so I had fairly high expectations for this film. Overall, I loved it! Such an enjoyable film that clearly pays loving homage to movies that came before it.

    The stop motion animation is stunningly gorgeous. There were times when I actually forgot that it was a stop motion film and I was just completely swept into…

  • The Skywalker Legacy

    The Skywalker Legacy


    This was no question more enjoyable than watching the actual movie.