Incredibles 2 ★★★★

The Incredibles 2 comes 14 long years after the original and boy was it ever worth the wait. Brad Bird had a misstep with Tomorrowland which put a blemish on his spotless filmography to that point (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratstouille, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), but he recaptures the magic touch with this film. This sequel expands upon the original and pushes the characters into new directions. In the current climate of superhero overload in Hollywood, Incredibles 2 manages to bring fresh ideas to the superhero formula. From its story to its themes to the action set pieces, it manages to find its own voice in the Marvel and DC dominated superhero landscape. Really enjoyed all the ways they manifested all the superheroes powers. I will say that while I found the villain’s motivations believable, their grand evil plan didn’t seem all that well though out lol. I had an absolute blast watching this film and it’s one I could see myself revisiting again and again in the future.