Hackers ★★

Holy shit. I think I've found it. This is definitely the most ridiculous film I've ever seen about computers - even more ridiculous than Virtual Sexuality, a movie where a girl creates her own ideal boyfriend using VR technology and he comes to life through sexual harassment induced electricity. I didn't think that was possible.

Dade (what kind of a name is that) is a teen hacker who's just gotten his internet privileges back after having them taken away for seven years, due to a Super Hacking Crime he was convicted of as an 11 year old. He moves to New York and immediately falls in with a crew of ridiculous hackers, all of whom wear outfits that are completely indescribable and must have been created by having the costume designer dump a dress-up box on the floor, grab the first ten things and then add d-rings and pleather.
Unfortunately, there's an Evil Hacker called Plague who wants to embezzle money from his company and frame the babby hackers for it. Will they be able to stop him with the magic of computers? What happened to that Hispanic guy who went to gaol? (we never saw him again.) Who knows? Who cares? HACKERS!

Words cannot describe how absurd this movie is; how ridiculous, how amazing. It's incredibly camp. Everyone in this movie comes across as gay, even though it's not particularly homoerotic. I can definitely see why this movie became a cult favourite among hackers; because it's so amazingly wrong that it becomes brilliant.
This movie is more ridiculous than Electric Dreams. It's more ridiculous than Cyberstorm. I will again reiterate - it's more ridiculous than VIRTUAL SEXUALITY. Where Wargames was better and less ridiculous than I was expecting, this movie was a thousand times more bonkers than anything I could have possibly imagined.
Definitely watch this piece of shit when you're next able to.

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