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  • Alien Resurrection

    Alien Resurrection



    THE GAME: Metroid Fusion (2002) [played on Nintendo DS Lite]

    THE PLOT: While accompanying researchers on SR388, Samus Aran finds herself infected by a parasitic organism later dubbed the X. Galactic Federation scientists save her life with a vaccine developed from the baby Metroid's preserved DNA. After regaining consciousness, the bounty hunter is assigned to investigate an explosion aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories station, where large portions of her surgically removed Power Suit were…

  • Alien³




    NOTE: This is the definitive version of an earlier review.

    THE GAME: Super Metroid (1994) [played on Super Nintendo]

    THE PLOT: Samus Aran delivers the Metroid hatchling to Ceres Space Academy, where scientists hope to utilize its powers for the good of galactic civilization. Soon after leaving, she receives a distress signal. Ceres has been decimated by Ridley, who steals the baby and returns to Zebes!

    THE REVIEW: Every aspect of this perfectly designed…

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  • Godzilla Raids Again

    Godzilla Raids Again

    The unusual structure and wintry, icy environment of the third act gives this movie its own distinct flavor. A rare treat to see two kaiju duking it out in black and white. Despite being outmatched, Anguirus fights so hard; his spirited performance carries over into future sequels. The spiky quadruped's eventual friendship with Godzilla made him a fan favorite, but his underdog appeal is evident here as he tries to dethrone the king. Anguirus dies at the end of act…

  • Godzilla



    "Honda-san is really an earnest, nice fellow. Imagine… what you would do if a monster like Godzilla emerged. Normally one would forget everything, abandon his duty, and simply flee. Wouldn't you? But the [authorities] in this movie properly and sincerely lead people [to safety], don't they? That is typical of Honda-san. I love it. Well, he was my best friend. As you know, I am a pretty obstinate and demanding person. Thus, the fact that I never had problems with…

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  • School of Rock

    School of Rock

    I used to really like this film.

    Back in the day, I worked at Hollywood Video. For those of you who are too young to know what this business was, it allowed people to rent VHS tapes and DVDs inside a brick & mortar store, for stupidly high prices with ridiculous late fees that would cause customers to yell at me.

    Anyway, one of my co-workers was Rob. All things considered, he's a cool guy. But Rob was/is a huge Jack…

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    My mom once told me that when I was about three years old, I stood up in a restaurant and loudly recited the following line from this movie:

    "Now shall you deal with me, O Prince—and all the powers of HELL!"