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  • Alien Resurrection

    Alien Resurrection


    THE GAME: Metroid Fusion (2002) [played on Nintendo DS Lite]

    THE PLOT: While accompanying researchers on SR388, Samus Aran finds herself infected by a parasitic organism later dubbed the X. Galactic Federation scientists save her life with a vaccine developed from the baby Metroid's preserved DNA. After regaining consciousness, the bounty hunter is assigned to investigate an explosion aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories station, where large portions of her surgically removed Power Suit were…

  • Alien³



    THE GAME: Super Metroid (1994) [played on Super Nintendo]

    THE PLOT: Samus Aran delivers the Metroid hatchling to Ceres Space Academy, where scientists hope to utilize its powers for the good of galactic civilization. Soon after leaving, she receives a distress signal. Ceres has been decimated by Ridley, who steals the baby and returns to Zebes!

    THE REVIEW: Every aspect of this perfectly designed game has been polished until it gleams. Samus recaps her…

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  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct

    Excerpts from an audio commentary for one of the greatest star-driven studio pictures of the 1990s, by the inimitable Camille Paglia:

    "It was Alfred Hitchcock who was able to add Technicolor to film noir and show that it was still possible to create a world of mysterious shadows and moral ambiguities with a full palette. And it was in a film like Vertigo that he was able to achieve it. Basic Instinct has perhaps a more sepia tone. Therefore, it…

  • Star Trek: Nemesis

    Star Trek: Nemesis

    There was a huge vibe shift between Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. After 9/11, the public's appetite for war reached its highest level in six decades. Early 2000s culture reflected the sclerotic terminus of the 1990s: the end of history's bright horizon twisted into an ugly technophilia. Audiences yearned for comfortable escapism before grim, "grounded" reboots became the hottest trend in Tinseltown. The James Bond entries starring Pierce Brosnan alternated release years with Star Trek films featuring The Next Generation,…

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  • The Mummy

    The Mummy

    No one has ever said "I... am a librarian!" with more swelling, beatific pride than Rachel Weisz in this movie.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

    My Mom once told me that when I was about three years old, I stood up in a restaurant and loudly recited the following line from this movie:

    "Now shall you deal with me, O Prince—and all the powers of HELL!"