Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

It's clones all the way down...

Paul W.S. Anderson's fiercest anti-capitalist polemic yet: I can absolutely believe the super-rich would cook up this scheme if it were possible. Umbrella takes notes from Genesis and Revelation to cleanse the Earth for their Rapture, which Alice sabotages by incinerating the "chosen few" with hellfire.

Doobie White's staccato editing moves so fast that my brain can't fully comprehend it. I prefer Afterlife/Retribution's aesthetic but commend Anderson for not resting on his laurels. He's always experimenting visually. I'd love to have watched these two slice and dice The Final Chapter (then ask them why its screenplay resembles Extinction's).

If I could warn a newbie of one thing, it'd be this: don't get too attached to anyone in Resident Evil except Alice or Claire. Why are we wasting our time with freshly-introduced zombie fodder when surviving characters aren't even mentioned? Iain Glen is terrific as series Big Bad Dr. Isaacs, but Wesker's been reduced to his lackey. He dies ignominiously, without so much as a fistfight.

Worst part? Plotting that relies heavily on retcons. Best part? A surprisingly cathartic and personal resolution to Alice's identity crisis.

"This is what I do."

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