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  • Adrift on the Nile

    Adrift on the Nile


    Fifty years ago! Well, I didn't read a lot (or anything) in advance, but would have probably been surprised anyway at this bourgeois Fear and Loathing existential escapade/cautionary tale from the early seventies Egypt. Although it is obvious early on that this is going to build up to a preachy dénouement, and some of the transgressions are ridiculously heavyhanded, it's still an unconventional ride with sharp acting and expert cinematography. Even the preachy bits and questionable political allegories (probably not…

  • Averno



    More good Weirdlore, this time from Bolivia. Admittedly, this doesn't impress on the first half an hour, and maybe some won't be impressed at all. But I am quite taken by the smooth, steady descent into an ever more abstract underworld, and how well the writer-director constructs unique cinematic spaces from simple elements (something you wouldn't expect after the first thirty minutes). Since Three Crowns of the Sailor was still fresh in my mind while watching this, I couldn't help…

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  • Insect



    (as seen on Vimeo, since I was a contributor)

    Well, was it worth paying 25$ years ago? Yeah. Surely ‘Insect’ is a unique vision by a unique mind, and it is sad to see that this is where it all ends. But see we must.

    What happens here is Svankmajer simultaneously reaching inside and out of ‘art’. The inner mechanics are simple enough, and they have often been employed: we are shown an act within an act. A sort of…

  • Master Cheng

    Master Cheng