The Ten

A somewhat typical motivational piece with a great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal. I can't say I know much about the Boston Marathon Bombing if anything, but I can say that burdens like this are absolutely mortifying. And I like how they touched upon the pressure of fame or being named a symbol for something bigger. Carlos' approach to the bombing, a line I will paraphrase since I don't remember it word for word: "This is a moment... do better" I really like. And if that isn't it, then I am glad the film made me think about that. I strive to do better in every moment of my life, and I don't mean in exams, I mean personally. Not let my anxieties or fears consume myself, and just keep living. That is something that is echoed in this sub-genre, perseverance. I don't mind it, sometimes everyone needs a little encouragement.

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