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Your Name.

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This review may contain spoilers.

I am lost for words. There is that feeling of searching in a lot of people and whilst the instantaneous connection between two people is a ridiculous idea, is it crazy of me to think it's beautiful? No. Even if this reminds me of my own sort of lost feeling, I can't help but appreciate its romanticised idea of love. The animation puts real-life to shame, sorry nature, but I want to live in the Shinkai-verse. Simple and insanely complex ideas that ask a lot from the audience, who cares. I have no idea how they switched and time travelled, and I don't care (too much, I would love to know though) because that is how strong the writing was - I was third-wheeling and I would most definitely do it again. I feel as though as much as I could say about this, I would never illustrate how beautiful this was for me and how I know I will hold this dear to me - I can tell I will. Screw you Shinkai for making my heartache and also please never stop making films. I might as well go and have an existential crisis later, so I will just ask those who read this and haven't seen the film, to do so. I need some hot chocolate bad. Anywho, thank you for reading me ramble! Have a lovely day :)

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