Midsommar ★★

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Really did not like this movie. It’s super male gazey in an emotional way, turning it’s ~fascinated~ gaze onto this girl’s bleak inner life instead of her body. The result is pretty reductive, objectifying, and exploitive if you ask me. So reductive, in fact, that we get two whole emotional beats throughout the entire movie, just repeated over and over again against a series of escalating weird Nordic backdrops. And some of those backdrops work very well. The cliff scene, the sex scene, both great! But it feels like the film takes it’s emotional set up, seals it up, and uses these scenes to sort of shake the bottle until it explodes at the end. There’s no actual change to the emotions in that bottle, and the movie starts to feel extremely repetitive. This endless emotional repetition is my real problem with the movie. I mean we’re all used to seeing male gaze bs at this point, right?

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