Once Upon A Girl

Once Upon A Girl ★★★

I'm not real big on porn, but animated fairy tale porn? Yeah, I'm there. It's a mixed bag, though. It does contain a few clever twists on the material and manages to be pretty amusing at times. I also enjoyed the Hanna-Barbera aesthetic, which feels extra-naughty. However, it has some major pacing problems and it resorts to repeated, unnecessary sequences in order to stretch the runtime. It also has some disturbing content. I knew going in to expect certain things since it's porn, like treating all women like idiotic sex objects and borderline rape. So, I give those a reluctant pass. But it also clearly depicts young children in sexual situations. It may be animated but that doesn't excuse sexualizing kids. Overall, it's a mostly dumb but fun curiosity, but it definitely has questionable content. It's basically worth one watch.

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