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  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


    1950s Hollywood: You can have a little sexual repression, as a treat.

  • Third Finger, Left Hand

    Third Finger, Left Hand


    Margot Sherwood Merrick faked a marriage just to avoid workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. A LEGEND.

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  • War and Peace

    War and Peace


    So War & PeaceΒ is significantly more racy than I realized? Never read the 1200 page novel and had previously only seen the *highly* sanitized 1950s adaptation with Audrey Hepburn. This was like, let’s start off with some incest! Adultery to spice it up! General debauchery! And you can’t convince me that the titular war wasn’t the drawing room drama and the peace wasn’t the serenity that everyone found on literal battlefields.

    100% watched this for the absurdly beautiful people that I…

  • Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane


    I decided at the beginning of this week I would NOT watch any films made before 2000 for a whole 7 days. Like, just for a brief change, and to see if I could survive without Old Hollywood. But then Calamity Jane was the choice for the film club and I couldn’t say β€œno” to Doris Day & Allyn Ann McLerie?!

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  • How to Steal a Million

    How to Steal a Million


    Nicole didn’t even have to leave her house to meet a handsome man. If this isn’t an introvert’s dream, I don’t know what is!

  • Niagara



    While I know this was an important role for Marilyn (her first time receiving top billing, I believe), I didn't feel like she got to do a lot with her part. I was probably expecting too much from an intrinsically pulpy picture. But she'd already given that nuanced performance in Don't Bother to Knock and also made her mark in supporting roles in All About Eve and The Asphalt Jungle, so I hoped this would be better. Surely this film…