Steve Jobs ★★★★★

Such an absurd way to go about this story, but goddamn does it work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much character development in film before. All jokes aside, each person goes through so much change scene to scene. But what really works is how each one is emblematic of a theme. It’s repetitive sure, but it with each character it returns to it digs a deeper until finally getting to its point. While Fincher might have made a better movie out of this, something a little more precise, Boyle really revels in the characters and there interactions. And it’s not right to appreciate a movie in retrospect because of something that came out later, but we’ve seen what happens when Sorkin is unfiltered [Molly’s Game] and having Boyle on board bring so much to this movie visually. Truly, it is a master stroke by Sorkin though. One of his most polished scripts that against all odds works spectacularly. 
Not to be missed though, every actor is giving an A plus performance. Yes, they have the best dialogue to work with, but every performance does so much with each line and even with each silence. Seth Rogen is incredible to watch with going from awkward to vulnerable to sureheaded throughout his journey, but never more power than when he breaks down in 88. Stuhlberg and Daniels bring variations on their characters with each act, and boy are they great to watch. Winslet takes the supportive role that could be so thankless and gives her so much fight and agency. But of course the MVP is Fassbender. He occupies every frame practically and with every frame he brings so much depth to the emotions. Spectacular with every line, he also conveys so much with his actions and expressions.

Not easy to approach the first time I understand, but I seriously think a lot.of people got this one wrong and I hope it gets some re-evaluation some day.