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  • Merrily We Go to Hell

    Merrily We Go to Hell


    "By the way, has anyone here heard about The Depression?

    Arzner's wisecracks and gleeful pre-code debauchery slowly morph into heart-wrenching authenticity. Her humanistic touch is present in every scene, particularly in its treatment of alcoholism and its cruel repercussions. When Classical Hollywood overtly touched on addiction, it tended to be with overbearing strokes of ridiculousness (see: Ray Milland's awful and Oscar-winning performance in The Lost Weekend). Yet Merrily We Go to Hell is a whole other entity. Bleakness is blanketed…

  • The Outlaw and His Wife

    The Outlaw and His Wife


    "You are alive and fill a place, which is enough to get enemies."

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  • Halloween



    The idiot in front of me took out his fucking phone and rated this 4/5 on LB halfway through the FUCKING world premiere of this movie.

    (It's pretty good btw)

  • Burn After Reading

    Burn After Reading


    When a Tilda Swinton character feels boring compared to the rest of the characters, you know you have something special. Brad Pitt dominates this film, and makes us all ponder the security... of our shit.