Colossal ★★★★½

my whole life has been surrounded by the fragility of masculinity and the men that it curses. my father, many of my old friends, and lots of other people that I care about. I've never seen a film so perfectly portray how fragile men can be and how much they care about being the strongest one in the room. being a woman in a world of men who are like Jason Sudeikis' character is so scary sometimes, and I cannot believe how relatable Anne Hathaway's character was.

the finale has to be one of the most important moments in cinema, honestly, and made me and Ariel sob like babies. men can truly be terrifying when their masculinity takes over, and Colossal takes that idea and fucking runs with it. I loved this, not only because it made me feel empowered and incredibly strong, but it used its ideas in such a creative way that felt completely original. I absolutely love Colossal.

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