Little Women ★★★★★

"You will care for somebody, and you’ll love them tremendously, and live and die for them. I know you will, it’s your way, and you will. And I’ll watch."

I don't know if love can save me. I fell in love with Laurie and I lost myself in his confusion. I fell in love with Jo, myself, and I questioned everything. I fell in love with film and it changed my life. I fall in love with everything I see, everything that loves me, and I stay in love forever. 

I can't forget about you, my love. Movies were my first love and I have loved many in between, good and bad. I've loved you for as long as I've known you and I dream about you every night. 

But can you save me? Can the thing I love the most keep me alive? I lost myself in you every time and you still surprise me. I see you in everything. I see love in everything. 

I love you.

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